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Creating An Environment Where Young Minds Thrive


Higher Learning Network Charter School will offer an academic program and curriculum aligned to the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards in all content areas that will increase the performance and proficiency levels of every student within two (2) years of satisfactory consistent attendance.


Higher Learning Network  Charter School will implement a rigorous, supportive SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) program that will develop each students’ self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and ability to make responsible decisions.

Parent Participation

The best predictor of student success is the extent to which parents/guardians encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education.    Higher Learning Network Charter School will foster a culture and climate that will encourage and support parent/guardian participation.

Student Schedules

 Higher Learning Network  Charter School will focus on an approach to teaching that supports and nurtures all areas of children’s development and learning–from social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding. In addition to courses in all the required subject areas, all students will participate in music, art, dance and foreign language classes.

Student Support

All students who require academic support will receive services in the least restrictive environment (Inclusion Model). Inclusion integrates children with disabilities into mainstream classrooms. Students who speak English as their second language will receive daily academic support from a certified ENL teacher while participating with their academic peers.


“Partnering with Communities” is our school’s motto.  Higher Learning Network  Charter School will provide Health and Wellness services within the school to address the health needs of our students and the community.  Higher Learning Network Charter School will  build a community of families, students and faculty through monthly community engagement activities to bridge the gap between the school and the community.

Our Mission

The mission of Higher Learning Network Charter School is to ensure academic success and a better quality of life for students in the Bronx community through education, mentorship, core values and community service. 
Our student-centered approach to learning will foster the academic and personal growth that is needed to meet or exceed state standards, close the achievement gap and develop productive members of society who are critical thinkers, motivated leaders, and lifelong learners who are prepared for high school and beyond

Focus Driven Learning

Creating an atmosphere of positive influence is at the core of everything we do at Higher Learning Network Charter School.

We want our scholars to feel comfortable, safe, and happy when they walk through our doors. We want them to be excited about coming to school every day.

We want our scholars to feel that their voices are heard and valued. We want our scholars to be inspired by their teachers and peers and we want all scholars to be critical thinkers, motivated leaders, and lifelong learners who are college and career ready.

The Higher Learning Network Charter School will implement NYS Standards based curriculums in all content areas that will address the following:

Meeting or exceeding proficiency levels on the NYS ELA and Math assessments.

Our commitment to meeting or exceeding proficiency levels on the NYS ELA and Math assessments is driven by the belief that every student deserves a quality education that empowers them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to succeed academically and in their future endeavors. 

Preparing all students for college and/or careers, regardless of challenges.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of education and are driven by the unwavering commitment to prepare all students for college and/or careers, regardless of challenges they may face. 

Mandatory daily professional development and common planning for all teaching staff

Our commitment to this practice is driven by the unwavering pursuit of delivering the highest quality education and empowering our educators with the tools and support they need to make a profound impact on the lives of our students.

How We Will Stand Apart 

How will we be different from other schools in Bronx New York

  • Music. Art, Dance and Foreign Language Instruction for all students 
  • Disciplined/Structured Learning Environment
  • Progressive Approach to Project Based Learning
  •  A Daily Focus on Core Values/Character Building
  • Exploratory Learning/Exposure to STEAM
  • Mandatory Uniform Policy
  •  Coordinated Community Based Health/Wellness Activities 
  • Mandatory Daily Professional Development 
  • Parent Resource Center
  • Research-based curriculum that focuses on an instructional program that blends progressive and conventional teaching methods, with a particular emphasis on the Science of Reading, in grades K-8.
  • Prioritizing the Five Pillars of Early Literacy in grades K-2; Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.
  • Implementing the five practices for orchestrating productive math discussions in grades K-8.
  • School-Wide Mentoring Program - Mentors will serve as role models, providing academic assistance and personal advice to enhance students' confidence and overall academic success.

School Environment

The Higher Learning Network Charter School's  goal is to create an environment that is physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe, orderly, and conducive for learning. In order to achieve this goal, Higher Learning Network Charter School will implement a PBIS system of student behavior monitoring. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school’s sense of safety and support improved academic outcomes. 

Addressing Unfinished Learning Due to Covid 19

The Covid-19 health crisis caused an unprecedented disruption in the education of children throughout the world. The disruption to in-person learning caused many students to experience unfinished learning due to unforeseen circumstances. Higher Learning Network Charter School will implement a school-wide intervention plan that supports the findings based on research from the "Council of the Great City Schools" which states the following:
When planning instruction we should:
  • Stick to grade-level content and instructional rigor.
  • Focus on the depth of instruction, rather than the pace.
  • Prioritize content and learning.
  • Maintain the inclusion of each and every learner.
  • Identify and address gaps in learning through instruction.
  • Focusing on the commonalities students share in this time of crisis, not just on their differences


Higher Learning Network Inc. has partnered with the 100 Black Men of Syracuse Inc. to develop the Central New York Academy Charter School, a  charter school model that focuses on improving the quality of life for students in the greater Syracuse community through education, mentorship, core values, and service. The blueprint developed by Higher Learning Network and the 100 Black Men of Syracuse will provide the students of CNY Academy with an academic foundation that exceeds New York State standards. More importantly, the students of CNY Academy will have a pathway to grow, achieve, and explore academically, socially, and emotionally in order to be prepared to compete globally in a rapidly changing world.
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Your Feedback Is Important

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Leaders

At HLN Charter School, we believe that the key to providing the best education possible lies in collaboration and open communication with our valued stakeholders. As we strive for excellence in education, we are eager to hear from you, the parents, guardians, and community leaders, who play a vital role in shaping the future of our school. Your thoughts and ideas matter to us! 

We recognize that your unique perspectives and insights are essential in helping us create an optimal learning environment for our students. We are committed to continuously improving and refining our educational approach, and your feedback is a crucial component of that process. To ensure that we are meeting your expectations and fulfilling our mission to deliver exceptional education, we invite you to participate in our feedback survey.

 By taking just a few minutes to scan the provided code, you will be directed to a brief survey where you can share your thoughts about HLN Charter School. Rest assured that your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and the information you provide will be used solely to enhance the educational experience for our students. We value your input immensely and will use it to make informed decisions that benefit the entire HLN Charter School community.

 Whether you are a parent, guardian, or community leader, your involvement and input are indispensable to us. Together, we can ensure that HLN Charter School remains a place of growth, inspiration, and academic excellence. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing our collaborative efforts to provide the best education possible.